Mediation & Arbitration

When partners separate or divorce, they must negotiate how to divide their assets and responsibilities (such as custody of children). Whenever possible, we recommend that our clients try to do this through mediation and arbitration.

Mediation and arbitration are forms of alternative dispute resolution, which is much less adversarial than the court process. It promotes amicable co-parenting and communication after the parties’ separation and divorce. We attend mediation with our clients and represent them at arbitration.

At Nachla Law, we encourage our clients to engage the services of a mediator/arbitrator to assist them in reaching a global settlement or at least narrowing their outstanding issues. Dorisa Nachla has represented clients at mediation and arbitration proceedings since her call to the bar in 1998.

We also provide independent legal advice on memorandums of understanding and prepare separation agreements for clients who have attended mediation on their own without a lawyer.