Collaborative Law

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“We can’t solve our problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”
Albert Einstein

In 2011 we became certified in collaborative law.  Collaborative law or collaborative divorce is a way to help the parties come to an agreement about matters related to the divorce. In a collaborative divorce both parties are represented by their own counsel, and the goal is to come to an agreement that both parties can live with rather than vying with each other to “win” or go to court.

We strongly encourage our clients to attempt to settle matters amicably and expediently, when possible. We find that when the parties to a separation or divorce reach a settlement on their own terms, the domestic contracts they create are much more comprehensive and longer-lasting than court orders imposed upon them by a judge in a zero-sum setting. If the parties can settle most of the issues, the need to arbitrate or litigate is limited to only a few remaining issues. This reduces the conflict and cost significantly.

Sometimes, there are circumstances when amicable resolutions aren’t possible. We have extensive experience in advocating for our clients when necessary.

Check out the two-minute video below to learn more about the Collaborative Process.

“A Peaceful Divorce – The Power & Promise of Collaborative Family Law” Video

Written and produced by Rick Green and Ava Green in collaboration with with the Peel Halton Collaborative Family Law Practice Group

“A Peaceful Divorce” is designed for couples who are facing divorce and for lawyers who are considering expanding beyond traditional existing models. The video provides an overview and some profound insights into what makes the collaborative family law (CFL) process so a transformative experience.

“A Peaceful Divorce” emphasizes the holistic approach of collaborative law by clearly laying out the roles of the lawyers, other team members and, of course, the couple themselves. A number of financial professionals, family professionals and life coaches reveal how the CFL team approach saves time and money, and keeps the process moving by empowering everyone involved. The video offers a concise look at the logistics of the process, including the agreements that are made going in. It illustrates how CFL offers an opportunity to transform the process of divorce and tailor it to suit each family’s unique situation.