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Lawyer Oakville ON: Nachla Law Offices
Lawyer Oakville ON: Nachla Law Offices
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Lawyer Oakville ON: Nachla Law Offices
We welcome all questions and look forward to assisting you with your Family Law, Real Estate, Wills and Estates, Corporate/Commercial, and Notary needs. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.

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Our other locations at the following addresses are by appointment only.

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Family Law (including collaborative law and lawyer assisted mediation/arbitration) and Family law Litigation/Trial.
We specialize in all aspects of Real Estate, including Residential Purchases and Sales, Transfers of Title, and Refinancing. We also handle purchases and sales of Commercial Real Estate.
Wills should be updated, and possibly changed, periodically throughout your lifetime in accordance with your circumstances. We are pleased to answer any questions you may have, assist you with your estate planning, and prepare your Wills and Powers of Attorney.
We provide business services with respect to Incorporation. We also provide legal services related to Purchases and Sales of Commercial Real Estate, and Business Assets. Additionally, we review and prepare Commercial Leases.
At Nachla Law Office, we provide many other services, not necessarily detailed here in our web site, or below. These services include:

  • Notaries/Commissions of Oaths
  • Independent Legal Advice (in various areas of law)
  • Invitation Letters (for Visitors Visa to visit Canada)
  • Opinion Letters for Foreign Divorce
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Lawyer Oakville ON: Nachla Law Offices
FAMILY LAW family law
I, Dorisa Nachla, commenced my specialized focus on Family Law in law school. I am active in women’s issues, and also have the unique perspective of having worked in a firm that specializes in representing the rights of men and fathers in challenging and complicated litigation matters for a period of time. I am keenly aware of the different issues facing both men and women in Family Court.

Nachla Law Office specializes in all aspects of Family Law, including:

Our Philosophy

We understand that a marriage or relationship breakdown is a difficult and emotional time, and we make sure that our clients have all the compassion, help and guidance we can possibly provide in our role as your lawyer to get through this life-changing event. Generally, the level of conflict in your case will be a direct reflection of the level of conflict in your relationship with your former or present partner. We strongly believe that it is a lawyer's job is to resolve the dispute(s) on your behalf and pursuant to your instructions. Your lawyer is there to reduce and eliminate issues, and not to create disputes.

Lawyer Oakville ON: Nachla Law Offices
Domestic Contracts:
Cohabitation Agreements, Marriage Contracts, and Separation Agreements
We have extensive experience in preparing, negotiating, and providing Independent Legal Advice on Separation Agreements, Marriage Contracts (also called Prenuptual Agreements) and all other such Domestic Contracts.

Domestic Contracts, and especially Separation Agreements should contain all terms relating to your global settlement, including Custody, Access, Child Support, section 7 Special or Extraordinary Expenses, Spousal Support, Net Family Property Equalization and Property Division.

Family Law is unique to any other area of law or Litigation, in that you and your partner or spouse may be required to co-exist and communicate after the proceedings are concluded. This may be because you have children together, and you are required to communicate with respect to the parenting issues, consult each other regarding major decisions regarding the children that arise from time to time, and cooperate with respect to financial support of the children. If at all possible, you should attempt to settle your issues amicably and expediently in a Domestic Contract, rather than have the final determination of the issues imposed upon you by a Judge in Court. In our experience, Domestic Contracts are much more comprehensive than Court Orders. Also, when the parties themselves determine the terms of their Agreement on issues such as Parenting Plans, and Property Division themselves, they tend to be happier with the result and the Agreement terms are much more sustainable in the long run than Court Order terms. Ultimately, the goal is to remain a family, although that family is restructured and living in separate homes. We strive to assist you to achieve that goal in an out-of-Court Settlement. That said, we are adept at assessing a matter quickly, and understand that there are situations where an out-of-Court Settlement is not possible. We are equally experienced in advocating for our clients in the Court process and are prepared to do so when necessary.

Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts are becoming more common, particularly where one of the parties has been divorced before and/or have children from a previous relationship. These agreements made before or during marriage allow you to set out in a contract how you will divide your property in the event of a relationship breakdown, or in the event that one of you passes away. You can make these arrangements amicably, and fairly now, and rely upon these arrangements in the event of a marriage breakdown or death.

Most of the time, in the event that parties separate and do not have a Cohabitation Agreement or Marriage Contract, a global settlement of all issues is negotiated and set down in a Separation Agreement.

Lawyer Oakville ON: Nachla Law Offices
Collaborative Law, Mediation and Arbitration
We have represented clients at Mediation and Arbitration proceedings since 1998. In 2011 we became certified in Collaborative Law, and strongly encourage our clients to attempt to settle matters amicably and expediently when it is possible to do so of course. We find that when the parties to a separation/divorce reach a global settlement on their own terms, the Domestic Contracts that result from those settlements are much more comprehensive and long lasting than Court Orders that are imposed upon the parties by a judge in a zero/sum setting. Even if the parties can settle most issues, at least the necessity to Arbitrate or Litigate is limited to only a few remaining issues, which reduces the conflict and cost significantly. We understand that there are circumstances that preclude amicable resolutions and we are prepared and experienced in advocating for our clients when necessary.
Lawyer Oakville ON: Nachla Law Offices
Mediation and Arbitration
Dorisa has represented clients at Mediation and Arbitration proceedings since her call to the Bar in 1998. In 2011, Dorisa became certified in Collaborative Law, and strongly encourages clients to attempt to settle matters amicably and expediently, when it is possible to do so of course. We encourage our clients to engage the services of a Mediator/Arbitrator to assist them in reaching a global settlement, or at least narrowing their outstanding issues. Mediation/Arbitration is an Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism to Court Litigation. It is much less adversarial than the Court process, and promotes amicable co-parenting and communication after the parties' separation and the divorce is finalized. We attend with our clients at Mediation and represent them at Arbitration. We also provide Independent Legal Advice on Memorandums of Understanding and prepare the Separation Agreement for you if you have attended Mediation on your own without a lawyer.

Lawyer Oakville ON: Nachla Law Offices
Litigation/Contested Divorce
We recognize that litigation is a last resort. Family law is unique and different from other litigation areas because more often than not you are required to continue to communicate with your spouse after the litigation is concluded. We try to minimize post-separation problems in order to maintain as civil and positive a relationship with your ex-partner or spouse and children as possible. We have extensive experience in making Applications and Motions, including Applications and Motions to vary and challenge existing Agreements or Court Orders. We have been on both sides of litigation disputes and are experienced in guiding and defending clients in Court Proceedings.
Lawyer Oakville ON: Nachla Law Offices
Uncontested Divorce
An Uncontested Divorce proceeding is one where your only claim is for a Divorce Order, such as with marriages of short duration, or marriages where there are no children and no property disputes.

If you have children with your spouse, it is normally recommended that the parties first negotiate a Separation Agreement outlining settlement terms with respect to all issues, such as Custody, Access, Child Support, section 7 Special or Extraordinary Expenses, Spousal Support, Net Family Property Equalization and Property Division. Subsequently, one of the parties, or both of the parties jointly, may file an Application for Divorce (Simple), on an uncontested basis. Alternatively, a Divorce Order may be obtained within a Contested Divorce Application, in which a claim for Divorce is only one of many issues.

Uncontested Divorce is a FLAT FEE SERVICE. Please call/email us today to receive our Frequently Asked Questions on Uncontested Divorce Article and our Uncontested Divorce FLAT FEE SHEET.

Lawyer Oakville ON: Nachla Law Offices
Lawyer Oakville ON: Nachla Law Offices